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Athens AL, 35611

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Dusti Hafner, Realtor

Dusti Hafner is a licensed realtor in Athens, Alabama and also licensed in Phoenix, Arizona.  She resides with her husband, 2 boys and 2 boy dogs in Athens, Alabama. Dusti enjoys life and welcomes new adventure. She is well versed with the United States, having resided in several parts, buying and selling several personal homes.  Dusti comes with 30 years of experience in the Real Estate field.  She has work experience with Title Companies, Escrow Company, Lenders Management in the Real Estate Companies.  Aside from her skills and knowledge, she will offer you an enjoyable and reliable real estate experience.   She is passionate about giving exceptional service with her down to earth and sparkling spirit.  For your next real estate endeavor anywhere in the US call Dusti  (you know dusty furniture)!